Grilled meat restaurant

If you are here it is for several reasons: you like good food, traditional flavors or you want to discover Basque gastronomy. In Sidrería Elexalde, S.L. we offer different options in dishes to delight your palate. Thanks to our cozy, family atmosphere and good service, we have become one of the busiest grilled meat restaurant in the area.


Barrio Elexalde Auzoa, 48960, Biscay


Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a 22:00 h

  • Lunch from 13:30 a 16:00 h
  • Dinner from 20:30 a 22:00 h

Friday to Saturday from 10:00 a 22:00 h

  • Lunch from 13:30 a 16:00 h
  • Dinner from 20:30 a 22:40 h

Sunday nights closed.

We are your best option among grilled mead restaurants

Communicating with us is very easy, you have the option of contacting us through this website, by filling out the form that we make available to you, you can visit us directly al our restaurant or you can make us a phone call (the most recommended option if you want a quick response, concise and 100 % personalized).

Regardless of the medium you use, you can be sure that you will receive complete attention, that your questions and requests are answered in the way that you expect or that any client could expect. We are aware that when a client wants to reserve a table or make any query, they do not want to be made to wait and we will not waste their time.

Contact Form

If you want to reserve a table, do not forget to tell us about the dishes you want to taste and that are offered on request, as is the case, for example, with lamb. In addition to indicating if any diner has any type of allergy or cannot eat a specific food.

Your table will be ready the day and time you decide to come and see us and our team will be ready to offer you a service of the highest quality, because we want you to leave our restaurant with a full belly and a smile on your face, we are and We want to be yor benchmark restaurant for traditional Baseue food. What  are you waiting for to contact us and book your table today?