A traditional Basque Food restaurant that yo will love

Our formula for success is easy to deduce when you know us, but it is difficult to imitate: we offer you what you have always looked for in a restaurant and we know what it is because we are also clients of other restaurants and we want for our clients what we would expect to find for ourselves.

If you are looking for a service with waiters who show you their professionalism, who are friendly and attentive to your needs, you will love our Basque food restaurant. If you are also looking for dishes with a traditional flavor, made with the highest quality products and at a very competitive price, our restaurant will become one of those places that you always want to visit, at any time of the day, either for a drink, a snack, lunch or dinner.

Among our specialties are:

Grilled steak
Roast lamb
Lamb chop


(Bilbain sea bream, Biscayan cod, hake loins, sea bass, among others)

Season products

To drink, in addition to cider, you have at your have at your disposal an extensive wine list.

You can choose to eat a la carte or one of our menus, or if you visit us because you are celebrating we have our recommended special menu, prepared for 4 people.

If you want to come and discover our gastronomy in person, today is a good day, however, we recommend that you reserve a table beforehand, since, if you don´t, you may find yourself with the unpleasant surprise that we don´t have any free tables and we we don´t want that to happen Luckily it is something you can avoid with a simple call. Contact us!