Cider house restaurant in BIZKAIA

Our cider house restaurant in Spain is conditioned to provide the best kitchen service, grill and bar, for which we offer timely attention to all diners, since they are for us our fundamental pillar and thanks to the which we have come to position ourselves as one of the traditional Basque food restaurants that you must visit in the zone. However, we still have a long way to go if we want to be one of the most distinguished restaurants in all of Spain.

Your benchmark cider restaurant in Spain

Over the years we have managed, with great effort, to achieve a prominent position in Biscay within the cider house restaurants. Our traditional Basque food menu has enjoyed both residents of the first time.

Our philosophy has always focused on offering customers quality at a good price, because eating well does not have to be expensive. We have menus suitable for all types of clients, and you can accompany them with a cider, but if you prefer another type of drink, don`t worry, we also have other options for you.